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Aircraft Tractor Model: F1-400 | 40-50 Tonnes

รุ่น : F1-400

The Bliss-Fox F1-400 Aircraft Tractor was designed in Australia for both pushback and extended towing of aircraft up to 440 Tonnes (B747-800).
Drop-in ballast in the F1-400 easily transforms the tractor from a standard 40 Tonnes for A340 & B777 up to 50 Tonnes for B747-800 with no obstruction to the operators’ line-of-sight.
            With power to spare the F1-400 features a 360kW (483hp) Diesel Engine with 1990 Nm (1468 Ft/lbs) of Torque. This modern styled, unique tractor is built on our exclusive integral perimeter frame chassis. This chassis is guaranteed for life. The F1-400 is easy-to-maintain with simple lift off