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Phantom 380X-1

Model : Phantom 380X-1


Model: Phantom 380X-1
The structure of the undercarriage can withstand explosion at Level 4B. Rapid Mobility on the local road.
Cummins engine 380 Euro 3
6-cylinder turbo, 380 hp, torque at 1835 NM at 1200 rpm, fuel capacity 10.8 liters GVW19000KG, 6-speed automatic transmission
Electrical system, AC Power, 100 amp x 2 power supply, 150 amp x 6 24V power at maximum speed 110 km / h.

1. Accident and damage caused by accident
It is an insurance central garage to provide an alternative for customers to repair the car in a repair period with accurate and clear valuations.
Repair only the point of accidental damage.
Repair by the insurance quotes.
Repair by customer requirements.
Chassis Restoration

2. Repair an old car to be a new car. Modify damaged items to their original condition
Shoot the sand to color the new car.
- Change the entire deteriorated spare parts
- Restore the chassis
- Check the hydraulic system to restore or replace.
- Check the brake system, air system, suspension or replacement.
- Set to zero as defined
- Other repairs as customers need.

Additional work, change, change of design, modification, conversion of car condition
Changing the car design according to the customer's needs is based on a team of experienced engineers with the program to calculate  the strength of the model and the use of the customer.
Detailed Repair
- Fix the speaker system
- Modify the width and length of the car
- Fix the central mount
- Fix tray mounting and hood
- Install the LB end bridge using the pump system on the car head.
- Expand the container
- Fix the power pack.
- Modify the car head from 6 wheels to 10 wheels.
- Added the twist lock on the flat floor.
- Other items as customer’s needs.
- Install the dummy cylinder.
- Modify car axle tweezers and air lift axles.
- Change the container door
- Convert the container into the side curtains canvas container
- Add the shaft from 2 axles to 3 axles.
- Install the canvas truck

Mobile Service Truck
Offsite repair service with advanced tools and equipment makes vehicles to be repaired at any location or places where no electricity is available.
A team of highly skilled and experienced technicians serves as a consultant to advise customers very well for continuous customer satisfaction.
Repair and service details
- Provide repair and checking service in the maintenance period
- Provide emergency repair service in places where the car cannot access places or emergency problems
- Provide a fleet maintenance package according to customer’s requirements.
- Provide a contract service package on a monthly or annual basis

The car length is 8315 mm, width 2500 mm, height 3200 mm.
4x4 multipurpose armored vehicle is used in reconnaissance missions in hazardous areas. It can carry 11 soldiers, including 1 pilot and 1 unit commander.

1. Check the distance at 30,000 / 60,000 / 90,000 km, 2 shafts / 3 shafts.
Detailed Repair
- Adjust the wheel alignment
- Fastening bolts, anchors, nuts, tweezers
- Wheel center alignment
Notes: New car not for 1 year yet, no service charge for damaged spare parts damaged, but paid for replacement items.

2. Repair the lower part by the distance at 100,000 / 120,000, 2 axles, 3 axles.
Detailed Repair
  - Change the wheel and adjust the wheel alignment.
  - Change tire bushes
  - Change the middle tire bushes.
  - Change the grease to 5kg.
  - Wash Kerosene for cleaning
Check the brake and electrical systems.Adjust the wheel alignment
For a long, efficient, safe and cost-effective car usage, it should be consistently handled with a preventive maintenance system for a specified period of time.