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Model : PS2-SC1250M

Technical Information

Width :
2,550 mm
Lemgth :
12,550 mm
Height :
1,460 mm


This is only for container loading. The twist lock is the main equipment that has the locking distance meets the standard used worldwide.for container trucks sized 20 ', 40' and 45 '.

• The chassis structure is specially designed and developed by a team of professional engineers. The design emphasizes greater strength, longer service life, and greater value.
• The large toolbox is designed to accommodate a wide variety of applications.
According to the laws, reflecting stickers on the left and right sides of the truck help increase safety while working.
• The 13-ton capacity shaft helps distribute the torque in the start and during the brake.
• The bodywork ‘PANUS’ has a capacity of 28/80 while weighing up to 80 tons while carrying a weight of 28 tons. 
• Polyurethane color (PU) is a standard color that is glossy, durable and long lasting.
• LED taillights use the new light technology with durability, high brightness and long service life.