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Model : PF3-FD650S

Technical Information

Width :
2,550 mm
Lemgth :
6,650 mm
Height :
1,100,1,300,1,500,1,700,2,000,2,200 mm


The hydraulic kit is used to lift the cargo at the rear of the truck for loading stone, sand, cement, brick, etc.

• The 2-step rear panel supports a wide variety of applications and the reinforcing steel rail is additionally equipped.
• The hydraulic cylinder is manufactured with the Japan standard.
• Sandblasting is done to prevent rust and make long-lasting color.
• Sideguard is designed and installed at the both sides for more safety.
• New LED lighting technology provides high brightness, long lasting and durability.
• HYfix prolongs the life of the hydraulic cylinder and helps prevent the body from swaying while running.
• The hinge makes maintenance easier.
• Solid panel on both sides can support the banging up to 1.7 tons.
• Long shanks increase the stability while lifting the pickup.
• A 25-liter air tank is to increase the reserved air amount for the brake.