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Model : PS3-SLBC1240

Technical Information

Width :
2,500 mm
Lemgth :
12,500 mm
Height :
1,240 mm (ไม่รวมสะพานท้าย)


Semi-trailer Truck (Rare Bridge)
For loading heavy or large machinery such as backhoe, crane etc.

Descriptions of the Features
• Design special cut chassis sized 560x215x12x19 mm
• Perforated structure is the same layer. Performance for heavy load is very good.
• The thickness of the chassis neck is increased to 2 layers to strengthen the structure more.
• Use welded wire with special thickness to make the welded line fine and strong
• Design the side wings 25 cm long to increase the load capacity.
• Use good wood for flooring. With the hard wood, the floor does not collapse during use and does not swell or absorb the water